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NRC Catering Club

The NRC Catering club is coordinated by Ms. Senopole.  The student participants are trained in various forms of culinary arts, food preparation, design, and decorations.

Mrs. Mandal's Baby Shower

The Catering Club students worked for hours preparing delicious desserts for the wonderful event.


The tables were garnished with a variety of delectable sweets such as; brownies, rice crispy treats, cupcakes, cookies, assorted fruits and chocolate dipped strawberries.


The students decorated the table with an assortment of party favors and decorations.


Thanks to Ms. Senopole and the NRC Catering Club, the staff members and invited guests all enjoyed the delicious edibles.


The NRC Caterer's Hot Chocolate Bar

The NRC Caterers recently held an event titled, "The NRC Caterers Hot Chocolate Bar" where they raised funds by selling cups of delicious hot chocolate during the school lunch periods.